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What Others Say

Brian Tracy – Best Selling Author & Speaker
dramatically increase sales and profitability…

Richard Tan – CEO of Success Resources Group

Spike Humer is a world-class expert on performance enhancement in all areas of business and in life. If you’re looking to take your company, your life, or your success to the highest level, you can’t afford not to have Spike’s advice, support, and expertise. It’ll be the best investment of your life.

Marcia Wieder – CEO/Founder, Dream University

Half a day with Spike was like 3 days with any other consultant. He validated my vision, laid out a smart and clear new model, and showed me how to substantially grow my business while minimizing my risk. But he didn’t stop there. He also generously shared personal contacts, made introductions and taught me how to structure high level alliances. It was extremely valuable and I highly endorse his work. I will hire him again.

Chris Newton – CEO, Results Corporation Worldwide Pty Ltd

There’s only one way to put it. If you can get to a Spike Humer seminar, do it! Spike’s reputation for implementing blockbuster marketing strategies is renowned internationally, even here on the other side of the planet in Australia. What makes Spike so unique, and such a ‘Talent for Change’, is his uncanny ability to underpin powerful marketing ideas with rock solid strategy. His secret is clearly his years of developing proven management systems, manufacturing processes, and people management at both the multinational and SME level. When you think about it, this combination is not only rare, it is pure dynamite. It means Spike always delivers results. He doesn’t just get you excited with possibilities, he maps out the method and the exact steps for optimized implementation, and then follows through. IN short, tap into Spike’s teachings and you’ll see your profits and productivity soar.

Kevin Hogan – Best Selling Author

Scott Letourneau – CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.

The foundation is the key when it comes to the success of your business. There is no one better than Spike to share with you the building blocks for your financial future. He is a master at laying out step-by-step your road map to success. He teaching style is easy to understand, simple, and puts you in a position to implement for results. When you work with him or hear him teach you will quickly realize why he is so connected to success makers around the world!

Marc Isaacson – Village Green Apothecary – Individualized Nutrition, Pharmacy & Healthy Living

Spike Humer is a tremendous mentor, thought leader and coach. His insights, training and wisdom have had a profound impact on me over the last several years. I have significantly altered my web, marketing and business strategies based on his seminars, helping to position us as a national leader in our business segment of individualized nutrition and healthy living. Spike is also the best that I know in the world at follow through, keeping to his commitments and delivering on his promises. He knows how to build businesses and has the track record to prove it. If you have the opportunity to participate in an educational event, seminar or mentoring role with Spike — you should absolutely do it!