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Everything begins with a vision of what’s possible. The questions for the world and for our surroundings of “Why”, “Why Not”, “What if” and “What else is possible” are the foundation of all creation, creativity, and change.

The key that unlocks our personal potential is asking those same questions of ourselves and for ourselves.

There’s a proverb that says “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. In my humble opinion, it goes even deeper than that. Where there is no vision, our individuality, our purpose, and our passion perish.

The beginning of all change, of all progress, and all possibility begins with a vision that something else is possible. Better health? A more fulfilling relationship? A business with greater rewards? A career with greater recognition and satisfaction? More prosperity and an improved financial condition? Greater contribution to ourselves, our family, our community, the world we live in? It all begins with imagination, foresight, and healthy unwillingness to settle for less than what’s possible.

You might stumble upon change for the better by default. I guarantee you won’t create positive, productive, and passion-enhancing change by design without having a greater vision of what’s possible.

My vision for you is to embrace all your all potential, all your possibility, all your hopes, and pursue your most dearly-held dreams and deepest desires and turn them into a reality. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve or less than you can be.

Your vision must be your own; you must embrace it, nurture it, love it, and adore the possibility of it. Contemplate it, visualize it, and embrace it with all of your passion, might, and soul.

Invest in this exercise…

Take three pieces of paper.

Label the first, “What I am, do, or have that I would like to change.”

Label the second “What I am, do, or have that I would like to increase”.

Label the third “What I else would like to be, do, or have”.

Write a description of everything you’d like to change, increase, have, do, or become. Write with an open mind and an honest heart.

Ask yourself why you would like to make these changes in your life or have them at your disposal. Make a lengthy, heartfelt, detailed list of everything these things bring you. Does the list fuel you passion? Does it stir your soul?

It should. If not, either you have the wrong focus or the objectives are not clearly articulated or aligned closely enough with your deepest desires and sense of what’s possible for you and your worthiness.

You are a divine being with unlimited possibilities, choices, options, and potential within you and at your disposal. Be respectful of the gifts you’ve been bestowed and the experiences you’ve gained. Embrace your uniqueness and your individuality for yourself, for those you love, and for the world. There is only one “you” and we all need you to be all you can be.




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