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There’s a debate raging. 

One of the most successfully marketed products of the last few years has been the DVD and book called The Secret.  Millions sold, tens of millions of dollars made; the revelation of the Law of Attraction.

The debate begins.  Is the Law of Attraction real?  Is it true this secret has been withheld throughout history?  Is the Law of Attraction, in fact a law? Is it a scam or a cheap marketing ploy?  Who knows and who cares.

A seminar leader and therapist friend of mine does personal change work for his clients using metaphors and stories.  He’s one of the most brilliant story-tellers and effective therapists on the planet.  I’ve seen first hard the results of his work and the extraordinary changes made in people’s lives.

After attending one of his programs where I was speaking a few years ago, I asked, “Are all of your stories true?   His reply?  “All of my stories are true… and most of them are real. 

Who knows the real truth?  I’m not sure there is such a thing.  But my advice on The Secret, it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it only matters if it’s useful.  In any endeavor, in all experiences, and in every interaction and each bit of information, take what is useful and leave the rest.

Your’s in my true reality,




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