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I like to keep things simple. In fact, I pride myself in having an ability to take something abstract and make it specific.

I like to create lists, formulas, flow charts, blueprints, and step-by-step instructions for making things happen, and then make those same “things” happen all over again. I like to take the esoteric and mysterious and make it obvious and mundane. I like to take something that could be called a fluke or dumb-luck and transform it into a predictable pattern of performance that anyone can follow.

Some people “earn” a lot of money making a “simple” thing appear hard, unapproachable, or overly-complex—makes them seem “deep” perhaps. I get paid to make things simple and to get things done—perhaps not pretty, but effective for certain.

Ask me a question, I’ll give you an answer—simple and to the point. I don’t do the “linguistic boogaloo” to bedazzle you with my brilliance of how to turn the “matter-of-fact” into some mystical mumbo-jumbo. I like straight-talk and I don’t like B.S.—getting it or giving it.

I like concepts and ideas but I like positive results better. I enjoy dialogue and discourse but I respect action and accomplishment. I admire deep-thinkers but I love people who make their dreams come true.

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I’ve been called a logical, linear-thinker, at times almost as an intended insult. Hummm…, something about a straight-line being the quickest path… comes to mind. Granted, sometimes life, logic, and the pull of circumstance call for a smooth curve to be created to get from point “A” to point “B” but all things being equal, let me get from where I am now to where I want to go on a straight path and I’ll figure the next best steps from there.

To that end, you want to get significant things done? There are a few things you’ll need…

It’s usually good to have a plan, a system, or a formula to get you where you want to go and get done what you want. You need to know what resources you need and what resources you have. You need to allocate time, energy, people, and capital towards the highest and best use. You need to have a system to monitor, measure, and manage your activities and results. You need to have contingency plans and actions poised at the ready if things don’t go as planned. These are the ingredients of success and this is how things get done.

I’m not talking about getting simple things done, like going to the fridge to get a beer—that’s pretty binary, either you get up off your bum or you don’t. I’m talking about the best way to get significant things done. To that end, the curtain has been parted…

The Seven Secrets of Getting Significant Things Done

  1. Know where you are and where you want to go
    1. Where are you now, and what would you like to be different?

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  2. Have a clearly defined vision of the future
    1. When you accomplish your goal or objective, satisfy your desire or need, what does it look like, feel like, etc.?


  3. Develop an observable, measurable strategy to get from here to there
    1. Does your plan contain specific descriptions of “Who, what, why, how, when, and what if…”

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  4. Identify, obtain, and align your resources
    1. What/who do you have, what/who do you need? What’s in it for them right now, and again when you’re successful?


  5. Measure, monitor, and manage your 
    1. What are you/they going to do and how will you/they know if they’re on or off track?


  6. Plan contingencies—for worse or for better
    1. What will you do if things don’t go according to plan–worse than hoped, better than you thought, or simply different than you expected?

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  7. What’s next
    1. After you have accomplished your objective, what do you want next? Do you want to duplicate it, replicate it, replace it, scale it, sell it, tell it, teach it, or something else altogether?

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While not really secret, the “formula” I developed is powerful in its simplicity and in its effect. This process can be magical when applied to a concept, an idea, an unfulfilled desire, an unmet need, unrealized opportunity, or looming problem. I’ve seen this method change lives at my seminars and I’ve used this system for over twenty years to transform businesses around the world.

Now you know the “seven secrets” but one mystery remains…when are you going to get started?




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