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Living things are designed to adapt. Failure to adapt to the environment can cause extinction of an entire species. Death can occur to any single being that simply can’t (or won’t) adapt at critical stages of their existence. Adaptation is necessary for survival; humans included.

But… and it’s a BIG “BUT”. The ability to adapt may be the very cause of death or dying (figuratively or literally) in particular, but often common circumstances and environments.

There is an experiment once used by a university professor at the start of each semester to illustrate the ease in ability of a frog to adapt (although deadly in this situation) to certain environmental conditions. Being cold-blooded a frog can vary its body temperature to compensate for the changing environment.

As the story goes the professor would place the frog in a large pot of cool water. Slowly, gradually, incrementally the temperature of the water would be increased. With each rising degree, the frog would easily and comfortably adapt. Warmer and warmer the water got, while the frog simply went about its business in the water until the clueless amphibian boiled to a slow death without any attempt to leap out of the water.

As human beings we often adapt toward (thus quietly accept) a slow demise—emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, financially or otherwise. We simply get gradually conditioned and eventually desensitized.

People will stay in dysfunctional or destructive relationships. They will show up for a job day after day that stifles their creativity and smothers their dreams. Still, others will settle for a business that is a mere shadow or shell of its potential and their vision. Adaptation.

But there is an option…and it’s a powerful life-enhancing, soul-saving option—”CHANGE“.

Change the
conditions of your environment and have it adapt to you and your needs. Change your response to your current environment and see how it responds to you. Change your environment altogether and find or create one more conducive to the life, relationship, job, prosperity position, or business you desire.

It CAN be done.

At times in my life I have ignored my own advice, always to my own detriment and peril.

Through over-adaptation, I’ve allowed toxic people into and to remain too long in my life. I’ve more than once worked for less than I was worth or what I contributed on an ever increasing basis. I’ve spent time and energy, invested money, resources, and relationships on people and projects inconsistent with my dreams, vision, and values.

In the past, I’ve on occasion allowed my environment to slowly boil me almost to death and virtually outside my conscious perception. So I’ve been there.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to leap from the proverbial pot of boiling water when it starts to heat up. More significantly, I’ve discovered how avoid the pot. Most importantly, I’m continually creating my own environment, the one I most desire and one that serves me and those around me.

To get a different result, to create a different response, to survive and thrive in a new environment, we need to change. Easy enough—that’s what to do…

But how?

How do we know that we’re making the right changes and not simply jumping into a slightly cooler pot of water that will eventually boil us to death? How do we change without changing too much, too soon, too often, or too many things at once? How do we know if we’re on the right track and how do we monitor our path to progress?

How do we change? More directly, how do you change?

There resides the challenge and there the secret is hidden.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you a virtual treasure trove of tools, techniques, and methods to map your change, to plan your progress, to monitor your performance.


Because part of my continuing change is to give more, to be more, to serve more. I am on a strategic mission to align my actions more fully with my intent, more on the path toward my own vision of contribution and my grandest dreams.

A friend of mine, Stephen Pierce once made a statement that instilled a thought which has both haunted me and compelled me at times—”Don’t sin against your dreams”…

let us not, together.




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