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It happened again. Someone said it to me today.

“Perception IS reality.” Really?


‘”It” is what “it” is, not what you perceive”, I said. “Your perception may be your reality but leave room for others won’t ya?”

I wondered; since I shifted his perception by focusing on me and my opinion, did his reality change? If not, does it mean he didn’t perceive me or my opinion? If so, does it mean the reality of his former reality changed, did it not exist, or did he not really perceive it? Hummm…

“Perception” is nothing more than attention supported by a set of beliefs, our sensory awareness, and previously established neural networks and connections in our brain.

Our perception might shape our interpretation of reality but it is just that—an interpretation. For that not to be the case, anything we are not aware of at any given moment would be “unreal” or “mu-reality”.

What we focus on may seem more “real” or more tangible simply because it has our focused attention.

Want to expand your reality? Expand your perception by learning something new, doing something different, or looking—thinking—feeling differently about something—anything. Spend time in another community, city, or country. Eat foods you have never eaten, take up new hobby, read books on topics you know nothing about. Meet someone new. You might not change the real reality but your perception will never be the same.




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