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Other people’s money (OPM)… Other people’s experience (OPE)… other people’s contacts and connections (OPC)….

Other people–plain and simple.  Mentors and models.

Want to learn how to do something?  Find someone who’s done it.  Want to find out how to get somewhere?  Find someone who is there or has been there and knows the way back.

At two seminars we recently held in Sydney, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we selected an “Other People’s fill in the blank” volunteer at each venue.

Our “O.P. ________” assistants were enlisted to compile a list for the next three days of all of categories other people’s skills, experiences, assets, opportunities, circumstance, challenges they could leverage.   Other people’s time… other people’s talent… other people’s passion… other people’s clients… other people’s problems… other people’s everything and anything useful or needed.

The lists grew and evolved to seventy-five or eighty “other people’s _______” at each event. 

Near the end of each program, our “O.P.______” compiler/volunteers shared their list with the entire seminar group of several hundred people.  The program attendees were invited to list as many people as they could think of for each category on the list.   Who did they know that they could access, utilize, or leverage as mentors or models for achieving their goals and objectives?  Who had the experience they needed?  Who had the time, talent, money, or resources they needed? 

As simple as it was, it was one of the most powerful, productive, and potentially profitable exercises of each event. 

Have a goal?  Have a passion?  Want to improve your life or your business?  Find a mentor or mentors; seek out models of excellence or learn from counterexamples of what doesn’t work. 

Regardless of your intellect, your talent, your creativity, your capital–your time is finite.  The collective mine of intellect, talent, creativity, and financial abundance you can tap into are infinite.

My mentors and models are many.  Some famous, some virtually unheard of; achievers, speakers, writers, thinkers, philosophers, giants of business, and leaders of social change.  My mom, former managers, teachers, colleagues, and next door neighbors have been my mentors. 

Athletes, politicians, friends, family, past business partners, my kids, and strangers on the street have served as models.   Examples of what I aspire to be or what not to be in one area or another; sources of information, inspiration, and knowledge of what to do and what not to do to get where I want to go.      

Life brings lessons.  If we learn, we grow; if we don’t we stagnate or recreate circumstances and relationships until we get what we need to learn the lesson and move on.

Ask yourself these questions and answer fully and frankly…

“Who has accomplished what it is I want to do and how did they do it?”  “What mistakes did they make that I can avoid?”  “Who do I know or who do my friends and colleagues know who I would like to have as a mentor?”  “What would I be willing to offer in return for their time and contribution?” 

Yours in learning and leveraging,




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