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“Men regard it as their right to return evil for evil –and if they cannot, feel they have lost their liberty.” Aristotle

…feel that you might, feel that you must but it is unjust. Evil begets evil as love begets love.

In our passions to be right, to be respected, to stand up and be heard it is never “right” however deemed necessary to perpetuate or escalate upon the actions of others, regardless of their deeds or their intent. We have an obligation to be more.

The obligation is not to others, it is to us—our own lives and the people affected by our actions. If we allow the deeds of another to dictate our own, we’re simply slaves to the reactions we allow inside ourselves and our measures we take within our lives.

Freedom rests in the ability to be ourselves, to impact our lives, not because or in spite of others but for the betterment of our own condition.

Survival might rest in the ability to defend ourselves–but growth, personal progress, and true freedom are discovered in our ability to transcend our environment, our circumstance, and our current state.

This is not always who I have been, nor is it always who I am, but it is who I aspire to be.

My intent, my evolution as a spiritual and contributory being is to move closer to that which I hope to become.




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