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I love to learn.  Books, journals, magazines, are stacked and stored in about every nook, cranny, crack, crevice, and corner of my home and office.  Documentaries, seminars, webinars, newspapers, newsletters, conversations with bright people—all my passions, fill my most every waking moment.

My MP3 players?  (yes, I have more than one)  They’re filled with the likes of Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Robert Greene, Malcolm Gladwell, Wayne Dyer, and the latest audios in business, personal growth, philosophy, persuasion, relationships, spirituality, and wealth creation.

Exploring, experiencing, and engaging in new and interesting activities with my friends and family are the most enjoyable aspects of my life.   Discussion, dissertation, and spirited debate are the biggest part of the party when I entertain in my home.

I have e-books in my phone.  I am a subscriber of TSTN—The Success Training Network.  I read more Blogs, online content, and websites than anyone I know.   I subscribe to book summary publications, trend tracking, article consolidation services, and listen to talk radio more than music these days.

I’m an information junkie.  If it’s available to learn, I want to know it; and therein resides the risk.

People too often, sometimes me included, consider the learning of a subject the accomplishment worthy of recognition and gratification.  Learning a topic or subject is “an” accomplishment but it is not “the” accomplishment of the most merit.   Knowing a subject well might make you an expert but that alone doesn’t make you a person of impact in the field of the matter or the world at large. 

All matters of progress, greatness, advancement, and human achievement come from the application of knowledge, not simply through the acquisition of information.  Quite the contrary; from the most masterful application of knowledge springs forth the most notable accomplishment and valuable achievement and contribution.

Think about the most monumental events in your life?  Did they materialize because you “knew” something or because you “did” something with information you learned or knowledge you gained?

In consulting with clients and in working with people in the seminars I conduct the greatest obstacle between their present station in life and business and their potential for greatness is the failure to apply what they’ve learned and what they know, initially and continually.

Just as some people have a prejudice toward action, many others—in fact most people, have a habit of inaction and preservation bias of the status quo. 

For some, it’s a form of learned helplessness (“I can’t” or “I could never do that”).  For other people, it’s a lack of focus, discipline, and sufficient motivation to apply new knowledge and information.   The greatest gap between potential and achievement is “knowing without doing”.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share some of the best tools, techniques, and technologies I’ve learned and developed over the years to move my clients toward action.   Learning the information I’ll share with you is “an” accomplishment but of course, taking action, applying what you will learn will be “the” accomplishment.

Yours in Knowing and Doing,



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