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An economic recession can be defined as “a period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for two or more consecutive quarters.”

A “life recession” can be described in much the same way. If you are not growing, if your life is not expanding, at best you’re stagnating and a decline in GQL (general quality of life) might not be far behind.

The way to ward off or escape a life recession is through confidence, commitment and, like in an economic recession, it is ultimately overcome through growth.


Confidence comes from a healthy level of self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from a conscious recognition of your unique skills, talents, capabilities, and accomplishments. Growth comes from a committed application of those resources and aligned action to stimulate an environment or create opportunity.

So if you’re on the verge of a life recession, or already mired in a state of personal contraction what do you do?

First, understand growth by its very nature implies expansion. Expansion of your knowledge, expansion of your experiences, expansion of your skill set, your relationships, or expanding your actions and activities. Expansion means ya gotta get up off your bum and do something (yes, I guess you can technically expand your consciousness through meditation but living a life is more than contemplation—even meditation requires some movement).


There’s a saying that’s been quoted by dozens of people, books and organizations–“change your thinking, change your life”. True enough. But if you change your thinking and change your actions, you can change the world.


Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Exercise your mind, body, and soul. Read, workout, breathe, pray, meditate
  2. Expand your network and enhance your existing relationships through service, support, contribution, and cooperation
  3. Extend yourself into a new activity, hobby, cause, or career
  4. Expose yourself to new places, foods, cultures, philosophies, information—we learn best, grow most through contrast
  5. Excite your passions by doing something you love, you always wanted to do, or dreamed about but didn’t make it a priority
  6. Expel the toxic relationships, activities, habits, and surroundings in your life—growth in one area of life can be triggered through a contraction in another.
  7. Expunge negative-thinking patterns and self-imposed false limitation from your life
  8. Encourage and nurture positive growth in others and in the world
  9. Extol the qualities of others and be grateful of the gift that they bring you
  10. Enliven and enrich the lives of others through the gift that you are and are becoming—the world is served by your growth

Get movin’ and get growing.

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