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I’m being interviewed tomorrow by Kim Castle of Brand University at the Conscious Entrepreneur Experience Event ( The topic is “Personal Responsibility”.
It’s given me the opportunity to reflect and consider my own meaning of responsibility—what it is–what it isn’t. Personal responsibility isn’t hard, it isn’t heavy, and it’s not to be confused with blame. I believe personal responsibility is one of the most definitive acts of power an individual can take and make. It’s liberating.

On some level, I’m responsible. I’m responsible for my successes, my failures. I’m responsible for the decisions I’ve made, the choices I’ve exercised, and the actions I undertook or not. I’m not a victim of circumstance, I’m a victor of the opportunities I’ve created and the challenges I’ve faced.


Sometimes I find myself thinking I wouldn’t mind giving up some of that responsibility but then I remember—giving up the “responsibility” for something in my life means surrendering my choice and my power to act. If I’m choosing, if I’m acting—I am responsible for the results.

Does this mean I’m to “blame” if something goes not according to plan or even horribly wrong? No it means I’m responsible for the choice I made, the actions I took, but more importantly for the different decisions I can make now and in the future.

When and where does responsibility begin? William Butler Yeats said “In dreams begins responsibility”. I agree.


It’s in my dreams that a new reality exists, where unlimited possibility resides, and the seed of responsibility rests for me to make it so.

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