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Going to be an ordinary thinker or an extraordinary thinker?

Ordinary thinking is fine–as long as ordinary results are all you want or need. We all have choices in life.

Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Who am I to argue with one of the greatest minds of all time?  Extraordinary times do require extraordinary minds.

No doubt we are living in remarkable, astonishing, almost unbelievable times.  These days are filled with significant problems and challenges on a scope and scale of mind-numbing immensity and intensity, yet so is incredible opportunity.

Problems, challenges, opportunities…

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All in need of great minds indeed.


But it’s the minds of all–great and small that make a differencethe difference, in the form of ideas.  Ideas from everywhere and everyone.

Some of the most elegantly simple ideas I’ve heard were shared by extraordinarily bright people.  And some of the most boldly brilliant notions I have ever come across were from ordinary, everyday people.

Regardless of source, there ARE common elements that transform ideas into reality.



It’s not simply the source, surroundings can affect the outcome of a single thought.  Ideas are simply a seed that needs to be planted in the right soil.  If an idea is “planted on a pile of rocks” it will rest there with little or no hope of springing to life.  We’ll never reap the reward of our thinking if we’re careless or reckless where we share and hope to apply our ideas.



That planted simple seed of an idea is not yet a tree.  For ideas to grow they must not only be planted in the right conditions and surroundings; they must be cultivated, nurtured, and given time to grow and blossom.  This means more than simply the “safe” environment, ideas need to be tended and given the attention and care they need to reach their full potential.


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A spark of an idea can create a flicker of light, but it takes something vital to turn that bit of brightness into lasting brilliance.  As that idea begins to grow it must be fertilized by action to become fuel for change.


Remember this.. .True genius can’t be crowned simply through concepts and ideas.


No significant, sustainable progress has ever been created without an idea, seeded in the right environment, and supported by committed people in action.

Have an idea?  Find the right place for it, commit to it, and take action starting now.




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