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Ask a hundred people what they want; few can tell you in specific terms what they are truly trying to create in life.   Ask the same hundred people what they don’t want, almost without fail, lists of disappointments, disenchantment, and dissatisfaction flow without end.

Why?  Most people haven’t taken the time to define what they want in matters of life, love, finances, or their career.  Life happens, events unfold, and we simply accept them and assess them as something we like, dislike, or perhaps simply accept.

An undefined life takes care of making you aware of what you don’t want.  After all, it’s probably something you already have.  It may not be something you intended or understand, but it’s here, now, and you just know it’s not what you want.  It could be a relationship that is unfulfilling.  It could be a business or career that steals your energy and enthusiasm.  It could be habits or behaviors that crush or diminish your potential and prospects for the future.

Most people spend their time fighting the things they don’t want, trying desperately to eliminate the things that make them unhappy or keep them unfulfilled.  Resistance is futile.  The very energy focused on trying to extinguish negative habits, events, interactions, and activities in our lives is the fuel that keeps those things afire in our lives.

The same energy focused toward a defined desire allows us to change our lives and our world.  Focus on what it is you want and not on what you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like”.  Dick Sutphen describes it as though “…we are like a walking magnet that draws to us anyone or anything that is on the same wavelength. If you’re radiating positive energy, you attract positive people and experiences. If you’re radiating negative energy, you attract negativity.”

I would add that “definition”, specific descriptions of exactly what you what, how you want it, when and where you want it supercharges the magnet of attraction.  Think about it. 

Besides, if you haven’t truly defined what you want, how will you know when you have it?

Ask yourself these questions.

How do I define success?

How do I define happiness?

How do I define love?

How do I define wealth?

What in your life will be different as you bring more of success, happiness, love, and wealth into your life?  What does it feel like?  What does it look like? 

Take the time to vividly imagine having success, happiness, love, and wealth in your life the way you define them.  Focus your time, talent, thoughts, and energy on bringing these to a crystallized vision and a daily reality.  Contemplate how your life will be different as your definition of success, happiness, love, and wealth are ever expanding in your daily life.

Yours in defined expectation and realization,




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