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Nothing can be both constant and changing.  When things change, then by definition something or everything becomes different than it was–something added, something given up. 

Making a change means certain things are now possible or likely.  In that moment, it also means other choices no longer exist, or at least without giving up something else.

Change happens.  You can ignore, you can deny it, you can rant, rail, and rave against it.  But it happens, always has, always will. 

You have no choice but to face change–in life, in business, in relationships, in yourself.  How, when, and why you change is steeped in infinite choice.   In making a choice, we expand certain possibilities and options.  We close off, eliminate, or minimize other avenues or potentials.  Therein resides the opportunity.

Knowing what you want and what you want to change is the first step to creating powerful, productive, positive change.

Knowing what you’re willing to give up, why you’re willing to give it up, and what you are expecting to receive or create in return transforms what might seem to be a sacrifice into an investment in getting what you want.

Do you see yourself a victim of circumstance or a conscious creator of your fate and condition?  Recognize your choices are exactly that—choices. Change can be consciously and constructively directed and created.

Ask yourself these questions.  “What would I like to change in my life?”   “What am I willing to do to make these changes happen?”  “What am I willing to give up in order to have these changes in my life?”   “How will my life be better because of the changes I am committed to making?”

Yours Truly Ever Changing,




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