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Sometimes we go along to get along. We do what is expected at the expense of what we always hoped, dreamed, and intended to become.

I’ve been there.

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Sometimes I return there too; less these days but it’s still easy at times to be lulled by past habits, convenience, and obligation. I too have been seduced by the familiar and the comfortable.

But I do my best, I am my best, and I give the most when I’m most aligned with my truest intent and my highest purpose.

Purpose is the fuel that powers the soul. It’s the manna from the universe the pulls us closer to what we were born to do.

What’s my purpose?

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My purpose is to be the best I can be. It’s to give all I can give—that’s easy enough.

But what’s my real purpose? Why have I created the circumstance, the opportunity, and the challenges that surround me? What is it that makes me uniquely human and an inimitable soul?

The eternal question, “why am I here?”

I believe in my heart of hearts, my human existence is to recover, rediscover, and reconnect with my soul, my spirit; to align my energies and my actions toward a path of contribution and realization of a divine purpose.

My purpose is this–to lead, guide, and inspire people to live an aligned life; to help people choose a vocation and an avocation (or avocations) that stir their soul and passions. My purpose is to help business leaders as people and organizations to create the greatest value they can for themselves, their employees, their stakeholders, their customers, clients, and their market.

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As a consultant, as a speaker, as an author everything I aspire to be and endeavor to accomplish is to help the people I meet or work with discover and honor their uniqueness for their own benefit and for the betterment of the world. In business that significance could be a service or a product. In relationships and social interactions, it could be simply a smile, an act of kindness, a charitable contribution, or a passionate cause. Ultimately my purpose is to help people realize and act upon their own divine purpose and their personal mission of service to themselves and others.

What’s your purpose?


You have always known; perhaps you misplaced it, you simply have to ask the question and look deeply into your soul to rediscover it.




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