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I’m afraid.

We’re all afraid.

But what we fear is not what we are, it’s what we could and can be if only we dare.

Nelson Mandela said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
A powerful thought to contemplate


If we try, will it be good enough? If we dare, will we succeed? If we succeed, can we continually live up to the new standard and sustain our newfound success? If we can’t, will we be left laying naked in the isolation of a short-term success and a long-lasting failure?

Ah…wait, we don’t have to change, we can stay the same!


There’s a reassurance in only being as good, as powerful, as successful, as accomplished as we are now. There’s a certain contentment in remaining the same, bathing in the common glow of just what we have done and become until today. The comfort of the familiar; the certainty of staying the same—warm and fuzzy.

And it gets even better because we know we can be even better when the time is right.

There’s a definite ease and satisfaction in only thinking of, talking about, and fantasizing in what we might do, become, or accomplish if one-day, someday when the “time is right”. There’s a snuggly security in waiting until we have all the stars aligned and the favor of a foretold-fortune to lead us from stagnation. “If only I had more of this, less of that, or absolutely everything just perfect, I’d be ready to be all I can be, but surely not before then—I just couldn’t possibly consider it.”


Ah, the seductive ease of thinking about the “if only”.

Then comes a destiny-shaping decision point—to forget about the “if only” and move to the “what if” mindset.


What if…?

What if we were to allow ourselves to become our boldest dreams? What if we were to pursue with passion fulfilling the deepest-held desires and the needs that stir our soul? What if we were to live up to all of our potential and fulfill the entire scope of our possibility?

By most measures and my own previous standards, I’m pretty successful. But, what if…?


What if I unleashed my sense of possibility and pursued achievement beyond any limiting belief? What if I opened the gates of prospect and opportunity to smash any fear of failure? What might I become, what might I be, do, have, or give?

Admittedly, it’s a bit scary. But fear is an internal belief that’s cured by an external commitment–action.

I’ve always been a person of action and it’s time to crank it up a bunch of notches…

Care to join me?

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