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How to Fend Off Mission Drift

How to Fend Off Mission Drift

Do you  know how to fend off mission drift?
Let’s face it—no matter how clear, committed, and excited we are to creating success in life and business, things change. In spite of our intended outcomes we’re faced with ordeals and obstacles we never anticipated.

Circumstances, challenges, and changes we didn’t expect are often our greatest enemies to lasting success and achievement.  We get diverted from our once-carefully plotted course toward our business and life goals.

Often when distractions appear disciple disappears and we begin to drift, almost unperceptively at first.  Then, what began as an exception in action soon becomes “the rule” of habit.

We all know THE problem—I’ve experienced it and so have you.  Someday, somehow, someway, we ended up somewhere else than where we intended to be—financially, organizationally, and personally. Read the full blog…