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Is Your Life in a Recession?

Is Your Life in a Recession?

An economic recession can be defined as “a period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for two or more consecutive quarters.”

A “life recession” can be described in much the same way. If you are not growing, if your life is not expanding, at best you’re stagnating and a decline in GQL (general quality of life) might not be far behind.

The way to ward off or escape a life recession is through confidence, commitment and, like in an economic recession, it is ultimately overcome through growth.


Confidence comes from a healthy level of self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from a conscious recognition of your unique skills, talents, capabilities, and accomplishments. Growth comes from a committed application of those resources and aligned action to stimulate an environment or create opportunity.

So if you’re on the verge of a life recession, or already mired in a state of personal contraction what do you do?

First, understand growth by its very nature implies expansion. Read the full blog…