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Get up, Shut up, and Put up

Get up, Shut up, and Put up

Admittedly, this post might be off-putting to some. For those who might feel anything less than positive for what I’m about to say, I apologize in advance but ask for your indulgence to read beyond your initial reaction. It’s personal to me and I think there’s value for others.
I’m proud of my accomplishments as humble and as modest as they may be by some standards in both life and in business. I’m equally, perhaps more appreciative of the obstacles I’ve overcome. Not that my hurdles have been any higher than yours or anyone else’s but they were mine to jump over just the same. But, after all, as Arthur Schopenhauer said, “To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence.”

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However, progress is seldom made without models and mentors to 

grow from and to be guided by. Read the full blog…